Liberalian Social Services Act

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The Liberalian Social Services Act was a bill written by Carops and carried over from the WWSETI parliament after the Christmas Revolution. It has since been amended on 7th August 2006

[edit] The Bill

Liberalian Social Services Act AMENDED 7 August 2006

Clause 1: It is the duty of the established government of Liberalia to provide acceptable public services to the peoples of the region.

Clause 2: All citizens of Liberalia are entitled to social security. It is the responsibility of society to care for its most vulnerable and in this respect the regional authorities will tax businesses to provide this assurance for the region's employees.

Clause 3: All businesses operating within Liberalia which have more the 30 employees are obliged to provide a pension scheme for their workers. This will provide security for these workers in old age and lessen the state assistance required.

Clause 4: All employees in Liberalia are entitled to a regional minimum wage. Therefore, they cannot be exploited or used as slave labour. The workers of this region are to be guaranteed an acceptable standard of living.

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